Heart of the Unicorn

Super Wave Warriors

Up to 4 players face off locally in an arena in which the only way to kill each other is to send pulse waves into a radioactive neon wave. You touch it, you die.
Designed as a multiplayer couch game, Super Wave Warriors truly shines by its vibrant pixel art and its dynamic soundtrack which adapts its intensity to the current state of the match. The game takes place in a colorful sci-fi universe with themes inspired from the synthwave musical genre.
Play as one of the 5 unique characters, each one having its own animations and sound effets.
As the match goes on, the neon wave goes crazier alongside the music. The longer you stay alive, the more intense the match becomes!
Experience twice the fun! Team up and play against two of your friends in a 4-player match!
Another project
Project SpellBlade
Project Spellblade is and will always be our first creation as Heart of the Unicorn. Being a top-down adventure game with puzzle elements, SpellBlade distantiates itself with its focus on action and combat to always keep the player on his toes.